Difficulties or implications for the aviation sector after the Covid 19 epidemic

The aviation sector and the tourism sector in general are among the sectors most affected by the Corona pandemic, as approximately 90% of the world’s population is currently unable to travel. According to www.weforum.org, approximately 25 million jobs in the aviation sector and 100 million jobs in the tourism and travel sector are at risk.

Travel will not be after the virus as it was before. Even after opening the border, the traveler must feel safe for his health and also that he can enter the destination country. And electronic identity can be one of those tools that provide safety by dealing remotely, but the traveler must feel that his information remains safe. Among the things that can provide safe travel is data entry technology without touch, such as voice commands, scanning documents without touch, and electronic health passport.

And in a study conducted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) last April, 30% of the respondents said that they will not travel by plane at least 6 months ago, and 10% of the participants confirmed that they will not travel until at least a year ago. The study also indicated a sharp drop in passenger revenue during the month of March by more than 52% compared to last year.

The Corona pandemic marks a new era in air travel. Delta Airlines executive director Ed Bastien expected that the recovery time for air travel can take anywhere from two to three years. It is not clear when the airline will resume its activity, but the airlines are preparing short-term plans for that, among which is leaving the middle seats empty, in order to confirm the maintenance of social distance and taking into account the personal distance of the travelers. Also, the Korean aviation crew wore glasses, face masks, as well as gloves.

According to the EconomicalTabs website m.economictimes.com, the effects of the Corona crisis will be shown on airlines in Asia, which are famous for comprehensive services within the price of the ticket. The aviation sector has faced economic storms in the past, but none of them has reached this difficult level. Almost two thirds of the 26,000 passenger aircraft are out of service. IATA has warned that airlines face a 314 billion dollar drop in ticket sales this year, and half of the companies face bankruptcy within two to three months if the government does not help them.

Health regulations, which differ from one country to another, are disturbing to customers, especially in light of uneven openness. Where travelers can be forced to take health tests such as measuring temperature, or health certificates can be imposed as a condition to allow travel and this may take time and make the flight schedule complicated.

The Singapore Institute of Technology has indicated that there are several airlines that could fail to remain in the market, which will result in reduced competition. The institute stated that major low-cost airlines may succeed in continuing, but that most of them may become partly owned by governments, or at least be indebted to them. As a result, you may cancel some marginal flights, and you may also raise prices. Prices are expected to remain at the level they were before the Corona crisis or slightly higher.

UBS Research predicts that the Coruna virus epidemic has magnified videoconferencing, which may eliminate the need to travel completely. Celine Fornaro, the group’s expert, believes that the trend to travel in Europe and China will shift from plane travel to high-speed rail travel. I also expected some short and low-cost destinations to disappear.

Dailymail.co.uk has published ideas from some design companies for new models of aircraft seats to adapt to current conditions. An Italian design company has designed seats in which the middle counterclockwise is opposite to the two adjacent seats. There are also transparent panels or insulators on every seat of the plane. This innovative design provides complete isolation among travelers.

Kappa centerforaviation.com predicts that most of the world’s airlines will go bankrupt by the end of May 2020 due to the Corona pandemic. And the site stated that to avoid a catastrophe, the government should take measures in this regard, as the cash reserves began to run out quickly due to the stoppage of the aircraft. Also, government recommendations not to travel increased. Each country also adopts the solution it deems appropriate for it, without paying attention to its neighbors or trading partners.