A report published by the American “Bloomberg” agency said that the stay of “Boeing 737” aircraft on the ground in its own warehouses for a long time, due to the outbreak of Corona, may cause engine damage, which may stop its work while returning to flight.
According to the site, the International Aviation Authority has requested a comprehensive examination of more than 2,000 Boeing 737 aircraft to verify the engine’s integrity.
And the authority warned the airlines, of a possible malfunction in the engines of “Boeing 737” aircraft, which could cause the engine to stop during flight.
And repeated cases of aircraft engines for Boeing 737 planes stopped working recently, during flights, which prompted the International Aviation Authority to issue an official warning to inspect the engines well before take off.
The United States Aviation Authority said it had recorded 4 recent cases of “stuck valve” in the engines of Boeing 737 aircraft, which could have led to catastrophic results.
In the four cases, the malfunction caused one engine to stop the plane, but the aviation authority said if the two engines malfunction, the plane will completely lose control in the sky.
The International Aviation Authority asked all airlines to conduct an investigation into the Boeing 737 aircraft engines belonging to the company, which had been in flight for more than 7 days.