As distance education online is a newly applied system in the College of Aviation Technology, the college is keen to involve students in decision-making by taking their views on many topics, including distance education to improve the level of educational services provided to students.
The college met the student, Omar Al-Mansour, who is studying in the introductory stage, and he highly praised the application of the online study system.
The next meeting was:
Q: When did you join the college?
A: Month 9, 2019
Q: In which program are you studying?
A: Pre-school and pre-diploma program for the next semester
Q: How did you find the online study?
A: Easy and simple, with no complications
Q: What are the difficulties you encountered online?
A: On my own, there are no difficulties
Q: Do you find it better than attending college? And why?
A: Yes, much better, especially in the theoretical study
Q: Do you have any comments or suggestions that you would like to add?
H: I hope to apply the online study system to all programs in the college and to adopt the study for the next semester and to apply the distance study even after the crisis, God willing, as I advise the next to the college to have a passion in aviation engineering is not the ratio or proximity to home
Q: Why did you choose the College of Aviation Technology?
A: Because the college specializes in aviation engineering and is part of an international college and is accredited by many parties locally and globally