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In an unprecedented move, Airbus finally concedes the aircraft support dispute

  Airbus, the European aircraft maker, recently launched what it described as a final step aimed at stopping a transatlantic trade war on billions of dollars in aircraft support. Airbus said it had agreed to pay higher interest rates for government loans it had received from France and Spain to develop its A350, which entered

In an unprecedented move, Airbus finally concedes the aircraft support dispute2020-07-26T11:54:09+03:00

The aviation industry continues to collapse

  Delta Airlines lost $ 5.4 billion in 3 months, and millions of jobs are threatened with elimination around the world The summer travel season was worse than expected for Delta Airlines, which announced that it lost $ 5.4 billion in the third quarter, as residents continued to stay home during the pandemic. According to

The aviation industry continues to collapse2020-10-18T08:38:39+03:00

الطائرات الكبيرة أولى ضحايا كورونا

عززت أزمة كورونا التوجه أكثر نحو كفاءة الطائرات المتوسطة والصغيرة والتي سترسم مستقبل قطاع النقل الجوي و خاصة لتراجع الاقبال على السفر خلال هذه الأزمة بسبب الخوف من الاصابة بالعدوى. و كان هذا من أهم الأسباب وراء الاستغناء عن الطائرات الكبيرة كما حدث مؤخرا مع البوينغ 747 و قبلها الايرباص A380. أعلنت شركة الخطوط الجوية

الطائرات الكبيرة أولى ضحايا كورونا2020-07-19T20:08:43+03:00

Interview with Omar Al-Mansour

  As distance education online is a newly applied system in the College of Aviation Technology, the college is keen to involve students in decision-making by taking their views on many topics, including distance education to improve the level of educational services provided to students. The college met the student, Omar Al-Mansour, who is studying

Interview with Omar Al-Mansour2020-07-11T02:07:19+03:00

Do masks on flights really reduce the risk of COVID-19?

  Covid-19 infections are increasing worldwide, and airplanes are one place where social distancing is nearly impossible. However, the resistance to wearing a face mask on board may increase. Six US airlines have banned nearly 1,500 people from flying due to a flagrant violation of requirements to wear a muzzle on aircraft. At the start

Do masks on flights really reduce the risk of COVID-19?2020-10-25T14:39:36+03:00