Hot Line

Vision & Mission


To be a leading institution in education, knowledge creation, excellence training, innovative research, and contributing to community leadership and development in the field of technology and aviation.


To prepare specialized engineers and technicians with a high degree of competence and leadership recognized locally and internationally for their quality in the field of conceptual design, implementation, maintenance, and operation of various aircraft systems.


  • To provide the local and regional labor market for the aviation sector and various technical industries with innovative engineers and technicians needed by the labor market in a way that contributes to achieving the government’s strategic objectives.
  • To develop human resources capabilities in the community by conducting consultations, conducting scientific research, and serving professional and technical cadres.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of higher technical and vocational education in developing and advancing society.
  • To consolidate morals and values, enhance a sense of community, and emphasize the importance of education in the workplace and self-discovery in general.
  • To prepare our graduates for decision-making, provide workable and effective alternative solutions, and continue their education to advance their careers.